Discourse Nepal

Work scope

The principal activities of the Foundation are but not limited to:

  1. Class, training, seminar, symposium, conference, debate, lecture;
  2. Research and research consultancy;
  3. Publication and dissemination; 
  4. Political and academic left activism;
  5. Library and collection of recent works.

Areas of Academic Expertise and Network

The Foundation’s areas of expertise and competence are but not limited to:

  • Marxism (Classical and Modern), Critical Theories, Feminism, Political Economy and Critical Political Economy;
  • Eastern Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Sociology, Economics;
  • International and Regional Politics and Relations; and
  • History, structure, political economy of Nepali society.

The strength of the Foundation consists in its intimate and strong network with left intellectuals, academicians, politicians, activists, students and organizations. The Foundation has both intellectual, organizational and political capability to accomplish its mission and objectives.