Discourse Nepal


The objectives of the Foundation include but are not limited to:

  1. To conduct research, discussion, class, seminar, symposium, conference etc. on a variety of themes including subjects covering philosophy, history, politics, economy, political economy, religion, culture, environment.
  2. To publish books, booklet, journal etc. on topics and themes related to theory and praxis of emancipatory movement and politics.
  3. To establish network of coordination, cooperation and exchange with national and international organization with broadly similar objectives, missions and visions. 
  4. To contribute intellectually and politically to a variety of movement of the oppressed class such as workers, peasants, women, untouchables etc. through research, class, seminar and publication etc.
  5. To bring into discussion recent works and literatures on a variety of themes bearing primarily on emancipatory politics, movements and experiences, analyses and proposals.
  6. To establish and run a library of recent international journals, publications, books etc. with a view to familiarizing Nepali left with recent works and analyses.
  7. To work on theories and policies necessary and useful for the radical transformation of Nepali society, economy, culture, and most importantly, of party organization and movement.